Taking the pain out of security camera installation

Deploying a new video surveillance solution at your company can be a challenge, even if you only have a few locations to manage.  For organizations stretched across multiple states and timezones,...


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IP Camera System For Employee Onboarding and Training

Bring new employees up to speed quickly, attract customers, and enhance your brand.

Not every new job has to start out confusing for your...

5 ways MultiSight VSaaS keeps your people off the roads

Nationally, almost 49 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more for Thanksgiving; about 89% of those will be driving. With snow...

5 Things Your Customers Want From You | Enhance Restaurant Operations

I was recently on my way back from Los Angeles with my family when we decided to stop at a restaurant before making the second half of the...

7 Hidden Costs of a Video Surveillance System

An incident occurs at one of your locations, so you put in a request to have the video exported from the on-site DVR. Three days later, you get a...

MultiSight VSaaS Brochure 2016

MultiSight is video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) for businesses with multiple locations. We deliver HD IP video from your restaurants or...

MultiSight Security Whitepaper

Gateway Security

The MultiSight Gateway is an appliance running an embedded Linux® operating system. The system does not support direct end-user...

New feature: people counting

People counting is a brand new feature, available to MultiSight subscribers at no additional charge.

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