7 Hidden Costs of a Video Surveillance System

An incident occurs at one of your locations, so you put in a request to have the video exported from the on-site DVR. Three days later, you get a phone call that the video you requested isn’t...

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MultiSight Security Whitepaper

Gateway Security

The MultiSight Gateway is an appliance running an embedded Linux® operating system. The system does not support direct end-user...

New feature: people counting

People counting is a brand new feature, available to MultiSight subscribers at no additional charge.

Managing network traffic: HD video over low bandwidth

A while ago I was at a customer site where MultiSight was being installed. I noticed that they already had a video system in the store--your...

New feature: heatmaps

Heatmaps let you see patterns of movement within your stores using a color spectrum: red to indicate lots of activity, while blue/purple areas...

5 ways MultiSight keeps your people off the roads

It's been a snowy winter so far, and tonight, as we learn that a blizzard has shut down public transportation in New York City, I'm reminded of...

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