Video analytics helps you optimize employee scheduling in your stores

As labor costs rise, your store margins are shrinking every day. Overstaffing your stores is increasingly making your profits shrink. Since you can’t be in all your stores all the time, inefficient staffing is easy to miss. With MultiSight's video analytics, you can automatically keep tabs on employee scheduling to find out how much labor is in place during opening, closing and rush periods.

If you can identify 20 minutes of overstaffing each opening and closing, which is not unusual, you have saved enough in labor to pay for MultiSight. Most customers save much more.

Can you answer these staffing questions about all your stores?

  • Are you opening on time?
  • Are your employees leaving early at closing?
  • Are there “extra” people and friends around during closing?
  • Is there excess work in the office during lunch and dinner rush?
  • Are there unexpected visitors after hours?
  • Are employees working “off the clock”?
  • Are employees just goofing off when they should be working?

Store staffing levels

With MultiSight video analytics installed at your stores, you can be informed of these activities across all your sites everyday…without searching video, without logging into each and every store. Not only that, all this information is delivered to you wherever you are on your smartphone or tablet.

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If you are having a hard time justifying a modern, high definition, operational video service for your stores, MultiSight can make that decision a no-brainer.

Give us a try soon to see how we save you money, in every store, every week.

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About the Author

Greg Millar

Greg Millar

CTO, SVP. I am responsible for the MultiSight business in Schneider Electric. I have worked at Pelco/Schneider Electric since 2003.

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