Optimizing Video Playback in the New Webview

MultiSight Webview (webview.multisight.com) will run on the following three browsers:

MultiSight Security Whitepaper

Gateway Security

The MultiSight Gateway is an appliance running an embedded Linux® operating system. The system does not support direct end-user...

Managing network traffic: HD video over low bandwidth

A while ago I was at a customer site where MultiSight was being installed. I noticed that they already had a video system in the store--your...

New feature: heatmaps

Heatmaps let you see patterns of movement within your stores using a color spectrum: red to indicate lots of activity, while blue/purple areas...

How to use SnapView

MultiSight added a new feature this week: SnapView.

Proactive system health monitoring delivers unprecedented manageability

One of the many values that MultiSight provides is manageability.  To us, manageability means the ability to keep stores online at all times, even...

Replace your DVR remote viewer with mobile video surveillance

Over the past several years, mobile video surveillance clients, such as smartphone and tablet apps, have become a common method to access video on...

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