5 ways MultiSight VSaaS keeps your people off the roads

Nationally, almost 49 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more for Thanksgiving; about 89% of those will be driving. With snow predicted for parts of the Midwest and heavy rains in the South, I'm reminded of yet another benefit of MultiSight video surveillance as a service (VSaaS). MultiSight keeps people safe by keeping them off the roads.

  1. Remote evidence creation. No need to travel to a store to burn a clip to disk for police or insurance.  Just mark a clip, save it to your library, and email the link.  And if you find out a few weeks later that another person needs a copy of the video, send the link again--clips stay in your library for a full year. 
  2. Remote audits. Supplement in-person visits with video-based spotchecks, to ensure employees are following company procedures.  You'll increase your oversight while minimizing your mileage expenses.
  3. Remote management. Administration of the system is all done remotely as well, via the web. No need to dial in to some special video server--just log in to the MultiSight Administration website from your laptop, phone, or tablet.  Add a new manager, remove a departing one, or reassign responsibility for specific stores.
  4. Remote video verification. Middle of the night call from your alarm company?  Avoid a trip to the store by pulling up real-time video on your phone or tablet to verify that the alarm was tripped, not by an intruder, but by a vendor delivery or an employee on site at an unusual time.
  5. Remote emergency monitoring. And when bad weather strikes -- from floods in California to blizzards in New England -- and you can't make it to the store at all, you can check up on your business, as quickly and easily as you check your Facebook or Twitter account.

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Kirsten Medhurst

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