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I'm a user researcher and designer but you may also find me playing the role of salesperson, social media manager, marketing maven, and wonder killer. I've been with Schneider Electric / Pelco since 2003. Email Kirsten Medhurst.

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Optimizing Video Playback in the New Webview

MultiSight Webview (webview.multisight.com) will run on the following three browsers:

Taking the pain out of security camera installation

Deploying a new video surveillance solution at your company can be a challenge, even if you only have a few locations to manage.  For...

5 ways MultiSight VSaaS keeps your people off the roads

Nationally, almost 49 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more for Thanksgiving; about 89% of those will be driving. With snow...

MultiSight VSaaS Brochure 2016

MultiSight is video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) for businesses with multiple locations. We deliver HD IP video from your restaurants or...

New feature: people counting

People counting is a brand new feature, available to MultiSight subscribers at no additional charge.

New feature: heatmaps

Heatmaps let you see patterns of movement within your stores using a color spectrum: red to indicate lots of activity, while blue/purple areas...

How to use SnapView

MultiSight added a new feature this week: SnapView.