Highlight reels for operations management and audit

As a manager of multiple retail or restaurant locations, you probably use a checklist when you visit a store.  What about when you're not on location?  When you're checking in by way of your video system, do you have certain operational aspects you audit every time you check in on a store?

For example, are key employees on the sales floor during peak periods?  What time did the last employee leave the store?  Who spent time in the walk-in refrigerator or around the safe?

MultiSight helps you get your job done, by offering a set of unique, time-saving tools: Views, Shifts, and now Highlight Reels.

Highlights are sample clips packaged daily into an easy-to-consume video playlist, to help with regular operations management.  Use them to monitor activity in specific parts of the store at specific times of the day.  Once you have set up a Highlight reel, it runs automatically.  Just visit the Highlights page of the Spotchecker app any time you want to review the results.

How do highlight reels work?    If there is motion at the specified place during the specified time, MultiSight automatically captures a sample of that motion and pushes this clip to the cloud.  (Having the highlights video in the cloud enables a faster, higher-quality playback while preserving precious bandwidth at your store.) When you go to your Highlights page you'll see all of the clips created in each of your stores.  With 4x and 8x compression, it doesn't take long to review the day's clips and drill down on any that require a closer look.

How do I configure a highlight reel?  Just log in to the Administration website and click on the Highlight Reels tab.  Assign a name, then choose the view of interest and the timeframe (either an existing shift, defined on the Times to Review tab, or a custom timeframe), and click Save.  That's it!

highlights tab

How do I review my highlights? Log in to the Spotchecker app and navigate to the Highlights screen. Tap a thumbnail to play back a clip. Highlights are grouped by name (e.g. Offices During Dinner, Salad Bars) and sorted in reverse chronological order.  By default, you  see only the 8 most recent clips for each rule.  Tap the "See more" link to see all of the clips for that rule.

Tap the "Jump" button to see other recordings around the time of the highlight sample.  This will take you to the single camera view for the selected camera at the specific time.  From there you can review earlier or later recordings, or switch to a different camera to see activity occurring in other parts of your store.  For example, if the manager is in the back office, what is happening in the front?  Is there someone at the cash register?  Has a line of customers formed?

sample clip

Keys to success

  • Review the highlights regularly.  We export a single clip for each instance of motion, but we don't export the entire incident from start to finish.  The idea is to provide a pointer into the video, but you will need to spend time looking at these pointers on a regular basis, so that you can preserve the context.
  • Tailor your timeframes to capture key details.  Narrowing your timeframe to specific times of interest will make your reviews more focused and efficient.
  • Use Store filters to focus your review.  The highlight reel runs every day unless you delete or disable it.  However, for review purposes, you may want to focus on particular stores --perhaps ones with high employee turnover or low customer conversion rates.  Tag your stores, using our Store tagging feature, and you'll be able to use those filters in Spotchecker, gaining further focus and efficiency in your highlights review.

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