How to use SnapView

MultiSight added a new feature this week: SnapView.

SnapView is a camera setting that allows you to display images from a MultiSight camera without requiring the person to log in. Add a camera view to your company’s web-page to give your customers a window into your products or services.

Our customers have used SnapView to let their customers (and potential customers) see:

  • A special event at a store
  • The restaurant's "daily menu"
  • How their puppy is doing at doggie daycare
  • What's happening to their car as it is serviced or repaired
  • Whether there is a long line at a refueling station

The possibilities are endless!

Activating a SnapView Image

SnapView on

  1. Log in to the Administration website:
  2. Click on the Cameras tab.
  3. Find the camera you want to make visible to others.
  4. Change the SnapView Available option to “Yes”
  5. Click Save It button.
  6. The SnapView URL appears in a gray box. Copy and paste this URL into your webpage.

SnapView URL


The snapshot defaults to an image that is 704x396, but you have the option to adjust the image size. The largest possible resolution is 1280x720.

Vary the resolution by adding width and height parameters to the URL:<span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #ff00ff;">width=1280&amp;height=720</span>

Note that our images are 16:9, and we’ll correct the aspect ratio to the nearest 16:9 regardless of the parameters given.

Setting Auto-Refresh

The SnapView URL provides not a live stream but a static image. The image will reload whenever you reload your webpage. You can add javascript to your webpage so that the snapshot refreshes automatically, at a specified interval.  The fastest refresh rate supported is 5 seconds.

Remember: you don’t have to worry about SnapView image views overwhelming your site’s network bandwidth because the images are cached on our servers.

Here’s an example, with a refresh interval of 5 seconds:

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Kirsten Medhurst

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