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Not every new job has to start out confusing for your employees. Nor does every new employee training have to be a difficult task. An effective training program incorporates many methods to engage learners. One fresh idea in particular, which is becoming a growing trend as businesses map out training plans for next year, is to incorporate video into your employee training. It will ultimately help keep your turnover rates low and your employees productive and efficient.

Many businesses today are leveraging the power of video surveillance technology to enhance the training experience. Most retailers currently have cameras installed, however, primarily use them for added security and loss prevention. When you start to think of digital recordings as a library of custom training videos, it is easy to see the potential to maximize a return on investment.

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Leverage The Power of Visual

In a previous post we talked about how 65% of people are visual learners and remember what they see rather than what they hear. Video captured from surveillance cameras can be an effective training tool when trying to illustrate a point. Watching video of actual events and customer interactions can be extremely memorable. With advanced IP video surveillance systems users have the ability to easily save, share, and play video clips with a few taps on a mobile device from any location. They can show employees the exact way to accomplish a task as well as the improper way. A contrasting example is often more instructive than simply outlining how-to procedures. For example, showing a real customer interaction that was handled poorly can help a struggling employee to clearly see the path to improvement. Video providers help companies incorporate video footage into their training programs by providing video storage in the cloud. This gives managers easy access to video clips using their mobile device to review with employees. 

Speed-Up New Employee Onboarding

new employee onboarding

In addition to coaching trainees on their roles and responsibilities, it can be of the utmost importance to brief them on the current status of the organization and the company culture. Whether an employee of fast casual restaurants, convenience stores, or a merchandise retailer, what better way to get that new manager up-to-speed but to show them the challenges they’ll be dealing with through video? Policy violations relating to cell phones, food safety, uniforms and employee meals can all be identified on surveillance footage. This can help guide a discussion on the standards that characterize the goals of the company and empower your new manager to hit the ground running and start tackling problems immediately.

Provide Positive Video Feedback

Employee development in any organization is a huge priority. The better your employees become at their job the more successful your organization becomes. Once the initial training is over and employees are doing their jobs and applying what they’ve learned, it’s important to monitor performance. Managers can monitor employee performance by viewing video footage and reward or take action accordingly. The video record allows someone to clearly see what’s working and what isn’t. When an employee is caught doing excellent work, it’s easy to reward them. This works especially well with millennials who are “trophy kids” who grew up with constant parental praise. So why discuss a positive event verbally when you can show video of it?

Ensure The Brand's Promise Is Delivered

Training programs are based on brand standards to ensure the brand’s promise is delivered by employees. A brand promise defines an entire business and determines every detail and employee act to exemplify that promise - whether it’s quality, fast service, customer care or low prices. Employees must execute brand and service behaviors consistently. Video surveillance tools give managers not only a close look at employee behaviors but also a birds-eye-view of what’s happening on the ground so they can identify when a store is consistently living and promoting their brand successfully.
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