Video: our IP camera system will make your IT administrator smile

MultiSight was designed to make you AND your IT administrator happy. We install the IP camera system for you. Your IT administrator will not need to reconfigure the network; as long as our gateway can reach the public Internet, you're good to go. Our gateways "phone home" to our cloud services, ensuring that users can always connect to video from their stores. And we take care of monitoring your IP camera system's health and pushing out updates—our cloud-based architecture makes all of this easy.  Watch this short clip to learn more about how we manage bandwidth and ensure the security of your video.






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Kirsten Medhurst

I'm a user researcher and designer but you may also find me playing the role of salesperson, social media manager, marketing maven, and wonder killer. I've been with Schneider Electric / Pelco since 2003. Email Kirsten Medhurst.

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