MultiSight helps you reduce turnover

Managing a restaurant of any type has its challenges, not the least of which is hiring and retaining a quality workforce. Industry estimates vary, but turnover of the workforce in a restaurant can range from 20% to triple digits annually.

Good employees may quit due to poor training by colleagues. Underperforming employees may cost you with low productivity, increased food waste, and higher workplace and food safety risks.

You try to hire the right talent, train them thoroughly, and provide oversight to ensure they become productive. But your management team can't always observe how they are performing. Could employee turnover be one of the largest impediments to lowering the labor costs in your operations and improving your customers' experience with your restaurant?


MultiSight can help you accelerate new employee productivity, acknowledge and reward good employees, and identify and correct or remove poor performance much more quickly.

How? Since most employee behavior (good and bad) is identified by human observation (your management team), most actual employee behavior is not directly observed, greatly increasing the length of time before enough behavior is observed to take action.

With MultiSight, all employee behavior in your restaurant can be observed and, with our cloud-based video storage and retrieval to your management's mobile devices, behavior can be discovered quickly and corrected.

Video can also be used in the training process, to show new employees what is expected and what is not expected. All of this can help employees become productive more quickly, improve the consistency across your labor force, and reduce turnover.

MultiSight video service helps take your restaurant management processes to the next level of efficiency, improving your operational efficiencies and improving customer experience. Talk to us to learn more.


About the Author

Evan Garabedian

Evan Garabedian

I'm responsible for marketing, operations, sales and overall strategy for MultiSight. I've been with Schneider Electric / Pelco since 2003.

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