New feature: people counting

People counting is a brand new feature, available to MultiSight subscribers at no additional charge.

To activate this service, we install a people counter at the entrance to your store -- or another point where the flow of customers or employees is constrained through a single point. The MultiSight people counter looks just like a regular MultiSight camera but it is placed and configured so that it will capture a count of each person who enters a store.

To access People Counting data for your stores:

  1. Log in to the MultiSight WebView people counting
  2. Click on the People Counting tab.  (This tab only appears if you have permission to access one or more stores with a People Counter installed.  Reports generated from this tab will only include counts from stores to which you have permission.)
  3. Choose the report type: Hour, Day or Month.
  4. Set the date range
  5. Click the Export button.  This will create a comma-separated value (.csv) file which you can save to your computer.
  6. Follow the steps to download the file to your computer.

To work with the People Counting data:

  1. Open the file in Excel or other spreadsheet application.
  2. There are 5 columns of data in the report:
    • Store
    • Device - the name assigned to the people counter in that location.
    • Date - format is M/D/YY
    • Time
      • 24 hour format (so 1 PM is listed as 13:00).
      • If you are running a “By Day” report, the time column will show 0:00.
    • Count
  3. Cross-reference this report against other data points (e.g. POS transactions, promotions, employee schedules).

With your feedback, we will continue to extend and improve this feature.  Please let us know what other types of people counting reports would be useful to you by emailing

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Kirsten Medhurst

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