Optimizing Video Playback in the New Webview

MultiSight Webview (webview.multisight.com) will run on the following three browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

(We do not support Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Explorer.)

Video playback in MultiSight’s Webview works with either the Flash Player or HTML5 Video. In some cases, Flash may provide you a better MultiSight playback experience, but your browser may default to HTML5. 

Safari works well with or without Flash, so there are no special instructions needed for this browser.

For Chrome and Firefox, use the following instructions to optimize your video playback experience.


 To set your Chrome browser so that MultiSight will use Flash by default, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Webview in your Google Chrome browser
  2. In the address bar of the browser, click on the lock icon: lock icon
  3. This will pop up a dialog: 


4.  Click Site settings in the dialog

5.  This will take you to the Settings screen.  Find the Flash setting and change it from "Ask (default)" to "Allow (default)"settings6.  Finally, you will need to close any open webview.multisight.com tabs and re-open them to ensure that the setting has been applied.



Firefox may also need additional configuration for video streaming to work correctly.  If Flash is available and Firefox is set to "Ask to Activate," it will not prompt the user with the ask dialog, so the video never starts playing. To correct this, you will need to change the Flash setting to “Always activate.”

Here is the procedure to follow to resolve this issue in Firefox:

  1. Click on the toolbar icon with three bars 
  1. Click the Add-ons button.

In Firefox - click Add-ons

  1. Click on the Plugins tab.
  1. Find Adobe Shockwave Flash in the list of plug-ins.
  1. Use the dropdown to change the setting to Always Activate.

In Firefox - click Plug-Ins

 Want to learn more? Visit our FAQ or contact MultiSight Support at 1-800-333-9057.

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