Replace your DVR remote viewer with mobile video surveillance

Over the past several years, mobile video surveillance clients, such as smartphone and tablet apps, have become a common method to access video on DVRs and video cameras. Most video recorders or video recording software is accompanied by an app which, along with some configuration on site, can be used to access live or recorded video. Traditionally, DVR remote viewers tie users to their desks and deny them the freedom of mobility.

Things get tricky when the recorder is behind a firewall, and remote to the mobile client. That is, if your smartphone is on 4G/LTE or you’re on a different wifi network than the recorder, you must configure the recorder and your firewall to enable remote access. Typically you'll also need to figure out how to instruct your mobile client to contact the recorder with appropriate internet addresses, port numbers, etc.

This is a solution that’s possible, but not practical -- especially at large scale, when you are trying to manage video from dozens or hundreds of retail locations. Imagine installing recording software or video recorder hardware at hundreds of retail locations, then configuring the firewalls in all of those locations with port forwarding and dynamic DNS. Then typing the address of each recorder into all of the mobile clients for all the people that want access to these locations.

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The impracticality of managing video on this scale increases even further when you start thinking about users, authentication and access rights.

For example, imagine that you set up Bill, a regional manager, with a login and access to the video in the 12 stores he manages. But then Bill leaves the company and Mary takes over his role. You also add some stores to Mary's  region and assign some other stores to Jim. Suddenly you’ve got a user management nightmare on your hands. Picture yourself traveling around to each of these sites, logging in as an administrative user, removing Bill’s access to each site, and providing access to Mary at some sites and Jim at others. This same issue applies when changing passwords and provisioning new users on an ongoing basis.

MultiSight makes seamless management of the above scenarios not only possible, but practical and easy.

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MultiSight is designed so you do not need to worry about remote, authorized access to your stores. Here’s how it works:

  • When a store is installed with MultiSight, it automatically contacts our services and registers itself. Our installer provisions the equipment by associating it with your organization, and it’s instantly accessible remotely -- with no firewall rules, IP numbers or dynamic DNS -- to any of your employees that you authorize. Immediately upon installation, your retail installation automatically shows up in your Spotchecker or MultiSight Webview application and you can begin reviewing video and start monitoring operations.
  • Your employee’s access to MultiSight and the stores they’re able to see is not managed at each store, but rather at the MultiSight Administration web page ( Just go there in your web browser. You control who can access this administrative web page, and you control what sites your users can access. When an employee leaves, or you make changes to responsibilities, it’s a simple matter of a few button clicks on this site to instantly change who can access what.
  • As a bonus, your administration page includes a dashboard that shows the health of the MultiSight equipment at all of your locations -- you no longer need to wonder if things are working, or discover that they are not only after an incident has occurred. Or if there is a problem with any MultiSight equipment or remote access you can clearly see where and why and call us to fix the problem (if we’re not already responding to the issues we see with your equipment--more on that in another post).

These are some of the ways MultiSight makes mobile video surveillance and remote access to video in your stores not only possible, but practical, at the scale of modern multiple-site retail operations.

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Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell

I'm the engineering director at MultiSight responsible for software development, hardware oversight and technical operations. I've been with Schneider Electric/Pelco since 2004. Email Steve Mitchell.

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