Security camera app accelerates asset protection in retail

We heard a great story from one of our customers this week.  To identify a shoplifter, the store posted to their Facebook page a short video of the suspect.  Within 14 hours, the suspect was in custody.

The MultiSight security camera app enables this community-driven approach to crime-fighting, thanks to our high-definition video, quick clip creator, and video that's easily shared to social media, just by posting a link.

MultiSight video helps Hitch N Post nab another shoplifter

hitch n post Facebook

Think about your store's video system.  When a incident occurs in your store, how do you document it?  And how do you transmit the video to the police or to others in your organization who need to see it?

The Challenges

With a typical recording setup, you will need to physically travel to the store to retrieve the video.  Once there, you'll need to find and export the video, waiting for the process to complete before you can leave the site.

Exporting from a typical DVR is notoriously difficult.  Some recorders are so hard to use that people resort to using a digital camera or smartphone pointed at the video monitor, as in the photo below.  Not a very effective solution.

camera used for capture

After you download the video, now you have the problem of sharing that file with other people.  HD video files are usually too large to send as email attachments.  And if you burn it to disk or a thumb drive, you need to be sure it will fit and then physically transmit that object to the other person.  This works fine if there's just one recipient, but often more than one person needs to review the video: HR, operations, asset protection, law enforcement, insurance agencies.  You need a solution that scales.

And if you don't have such a solution, you will be much less likely to make and share clips.  Clip creation has to be easy and fast, or you will do it only when it's absolutely necessary.

The MultiSight Solution

MultiSight has the answer.  Creating and sharing clips is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

To create a clip:

  1. Tap the Create Clip button in the Spotchecker App.  This will open the Create a Clip dialog, displaying the camera from the date and time you are currently reviewing.
  2. Adjust the start / end time of the clip by touching and dragging the handles of the orange clip trimmer. (Minimum / maximum clip length: 10 seconds / 90 seconds.)
  3. Tap Create.

This starts the export process, creating a video clip and saving it to the MultiSight cloud, where it will be accessible from the Spotchecker Library.

Once the video is in the cloud, it can stay there for a year (or longer, with our Premium service).  You no longer need to worry about preserving that video on the recorder at the store.

Pro Tip: combine creation and sharing into a single workflow by toggling the "Share Clip via Email" button you see in the "Create a Clip" dialog.  With this option enabled, you will go directly to an auto-formatted email as soon as you tap Create.

To share a clip

  1. Open a clip from your Library.
  2. Tap the share button. This opens a new auto-formatted email containing a link to the clip. Feel free to edit the email and add comments for the recipients.
  3. Add your recipients' email addresses, and tap Send.

The recipient of your email can play back the video clip by tapping the "View Clip" link.  On an iOS device, the video plays back within the browser. On a PC or Mac, there is an intermediate step when the user is prompted to download and save a local copy of the file.

Pro Tip: Harness the power of your social networks. The “View Clip” link can also be copied (via a right-click) and shared in other ways.  Text the link to a coworker. Post the link to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media site.

See how MultiSight can work for you.  Contact us today, for a free demonstration.

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