Taking the pain out of security camera installation

Deploying a new video surveillance solution at your company can be a challenge, even if you only have a few locations to manage.  For organizations stretched across multiple states and timezones, deploying to all of your locations can be downright painful.

MultiSight takes the pain out of multi-location security camera installation.

Our experienced project managers will put together and administer a rollout plan that works for you and your team.

First, we meet with you to plan the camera placements, offering our professional guidance on how to achieve the coverage you need. 

  • Are you focused solely on loss prevention?
  • Are you interested in capturing aspects of operation, such as food prep or dining room cleanliness? 
  • Do you need outdoor coverage? 
  • Are there areas where backlighting might be an issue?
  • At which entrances you want to capture customer traffic counts
  • Where do you want to monitor traffic flows, using heat maps?

Once we have a clear gameplan, we work with you to schedule the installations, choosing days and times that are convenient for you and your on-site staff. 

On the day of the installation, we check in with you and our certified installers to be sure everything proceeds smoothly. Our support team stands by to assist with any questions or technical issues that might arise.

We verify that we have delivered the camera views of interest to you. You can log in while the installation is in progress to see the cameras as they come online, and provide real-time feedback to the installing technician, even if you can't be there on site.

After the installation is complete, we provide a thorough on-boarding for you and your team.

Now you have the video and analytics you need in every location! And with our proactive system health monitoring, you know your video will be there for you when you need it. Only with MultiSight.

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Kirsten Medhurst

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