User management, employee turnover, and BYOD

Does your company allow employees to use their personal smart phone or tablet for business purposes? This option is commonly referred to as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD can be a great way to reduce IT costs.

However, the down side is that, if those devices are used to access company video, you may have limited ability to control access to your video content. High rates of employee turnover magnify the challenges of managing access. Many retailers and quick-service restaurants (QSRs) face high employee turnover, not just at the entry-level but in the management tier.

With MultiSight, we encourage access to video at all levels -- from corporate headquarters to the district or regional managers, to the level of individual store managers. There are no per-user license fees and the mobile apps to use the system are available at no charge from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

But with all of those authorized viewers, many on their own devices, doesn't user management become a headache?

Short answer: No.

We address the challenge of managing BYOD access with the MultiSight Administration web site. Because this is a web site, available from any device or PC with an Internet connection, you can manage your video system for your entire organization from anywhere. From the Administration site, adding a new user and granting them access to their store (or other stores) can be accomplished in seconds. Now that person is up and running and can monitor store operations from anywhere.

But then it happens, your store manager takes a job elsewhere and quits his! Of course he takes his personal smart phone with him.  Doesn't this mean he can still access video from anywhere?

Again, no.  As quickly and easily as you enabled him to see video from his site you can revoke that access, with a single click on the MultiSight Users page. You can remove his account altogether, using the "Delete User" button, or just suspend access to video by changing his permissions to "No Stores."

As soon, as you make this change, your former store manager will no longer be able to access video or any other MultiSight information from his mobile device or PC. He isn't even required to log out for his access to be revoked; the video will stop streaming immediately, even if he's in the middle of a session.

MultiSight's user management tools give you full control of how, who and when someone can use the service. BYOD becomes easy to manage and your video assets are secure.

About the Author

Greg Millar

Greg Millar

CTO, SVP. I am responsible for the MultiSight business in Schneider Electric. I have worked at Pelco/Schneider Electric since 2003.

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